Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Beloved Family in Israel

Something that I had really been missing in India was that great sense of family that I had back in the United States with the high vibrational Unity Gatherings of spirit filled seekers and teachers all walking a divine path. In Israel, I was guided to all the right people and instantly became a part of the great circle of extraordinary human beings all playing a part to make an enormous difference in the society of Israel. Each and every one of you holds a dear place in my heart. We sang, we danced, we romanced, we gathered, lifted and exited the light beings all over the world, and, this was just the beginning. I was not allowed to say, "You Guys are....." I was quickly corrected and pointed towards the highest truth of the ONe World Family, WE DID THIS..... After countless Spirit - Filled Offerings of music, dance and healing, I feel completely one with this tribe of blessed Souls. As I am doing the work out here in India and you all continue to do the work in Israel, I keep you all close to my heart and share in that space of giving love and light!! See you in THE MOMENT!!!

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