Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When She Opened Her Mouth - Her Heart Poured Out

When my great friend Abby came to me, just before I left, and told me that I was going to meet someone in which I was going to travel the world playing music with, well, I just thought it was another enthusiastic ABBY moment. After two weeks and no contact, I imagined this person had gone from possibility, and then, she arrived on my doorstep. When she opened her mouth, the soul of the world, aching strength and desire for more, came out!! Her stunning vocal nuances weaved there way into our hearts and left us yearning for more. It was clear, after a few moments, that Abby's forsight had power behind it. She and I intertwined Melodies and rythms divine for the last month that I stayed in Israel. And, that was just a mere sample of what is to come about this collaboration with Carlie Fairburn. Remember that name, not only will she be a major name in music, but, she will also be part of the Full Moon Rising Journey of Music. I love the flow of life!!!

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