Monday, August 9, 2010

Allowing Greatness - Recording in Sderot - Part 1

"Allow Greatness" - These were the words that I posted on my Facebook Status when I arrived in Sderot on July 19th, 2010. After 5 years I have found myself in the studio once again, ready to release a whole new side of me. A me that is only part me and all God. Today I listen as for in years before I demanded control. So much so, that I could not get myself to record in a major studio. I made sure that I did all recording, editing and producing myself. This was my baby! But today, I find myself surrendered to a much great offering that demands the presence of many, a creation that is unified and constructed by great power.

So, now I am sitting with a room full of engineers and a producer that works so clear and so fast that I cannot help but move out of His way and truly "Allow Greatness!" And beyond that, the college has donated the studio to us for the full 2 days to utilize to our greatest potential.

I spent a whole lot of time watching the patterns of my mind. I am not great enough and I do not deserve this were two reccuring dreams. And, funny enough, even if "I" do not, The Much Bigger "I" deserves everything and anything. It is creation and whether or not I think "I" am great person or not "The Big I" could honestly care less. It is working a force through me that "I" cannot stop and if I were to, it would take so much effort that it would probably kill me in the process. So, again, I Allow Greatness!

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judith amit said...

thanks Daniel! much love, Or