Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allowing Greatness - Part 2 - Day 1 - Recording in Sderot

The first day was all about drums drums drums. The setup itself is 4 hours. So after an 11 am arrival and a 4 hour setup, it is now 3 pm before the first note is struck. The student engineers of Sapir college are completely amazing the whole entire time we are down there. Treating us like royalty and catering to our every need. This is there dress rehearsal before they are thrown out into the vile world of internship, bad sessions and disrespectful musicians. I am grateful and cordial, honest and to the point as our time is short. I am seeing myself much more of a man this time around, able to call in what is needed and follow the guidance as it calls me in many directions. I am able to stand strong in a decision and to finally TRUST it. I am finally, after 34 years, becoming a MAN! Thank God!

So, Elad Nedav, 21 year old drummer extraordinaire, whom I have been playing music with on both trips to the Holyland, showed up with confidence and grace for the session. He whipped through both songs in lightning speed, giving us the rest of the time to listen back, do guitars and start the vocals. We had some minor trouble with the guitar going out of tune, but were able to fix it by re-positioning my fingering on the fretboard. By the time I was finished with guitars, I was famished. Just imagine what it takes to play the same song over and over and over with the same enthusiasm and authenticity on each and every take. Yes, Tiring, so, we called it early the first night and went to sleep in order to prepare for the session the next day with Joseph E-Shine!

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