Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to India

This first few days, I am completely upside down and confused. I just came from a solid working environment in where I was watching growth daily, and now, we are back in murky water, treading the dirty water, doing our best to stay afloat. Really, all I want to do is GO BACK to Israel, finish my work, which I feel was left undone, and settle back into India in a Western Way. But, the power of the Goddess insisted on us leaving. I always flow with intuition, and, yes, it was time to go.

Our earning potential is much greater in India and now, we must Earn! So, here we are...and....when I lay out what has happened in the first 5 days that we are here, it actually looks like things are moving in an incredible direction. Immediately we have our phones turned back on with low rate plans (something that took us almost 6 months to do before). Our internet card was swiftly re-activated! And, drumroll please....WE HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT! Yes, we are now official in India!! Yeah!!

So, we set the intention to take a few days in Silence and re-group our hears back into the great mother India and that is where I am writing right now. On top of a hill in which we had to take a cable car to get to the top. We are now spending 2 days in Silence in Raigad, a place in which we were guided to by Zorin, another home in which we were guided to because of the torrential rainfall that made us pull off of the road into their lovely estate and, in the proper Indian way....THEY TOOK US IN! I love INDIA!

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