Monday, August 16, 2010

Allowing Greatness - Recording in Sderot - Part 2 - Session With Joseph E-Shine

For the last few weeks I have had brief interactions and collaborative sessions with this 20-year old producer/musician. In each meeting that we arranged, he arrived in full knowing of his greatness and the greatness that he would bring to the track chosen for him, "High". Let's take a brief moment on that.

We set a very clear intention on this album to work with different producers for each track and allow the universe to guide the right person to the right message. Our first and very clear example was the fact that Brave New World chose a man in which his talent is far beyond his output as he still spends brief moments in fear thus limiting his capabilities to be THE BEST OF THE BEST. But I watched as Brave New World worked on him and still continues to do so. Now, as for "High", our intention was to work with a reggae producer, but, we were guided to Joseph, yes, a seasoned Reggae producer, but, more importantly, a young adult whom is actively moving from the reckless partying life of drugs and alcohol into a subtle life of Yoga and Meditation. "High" is the poster song for this generation of purity, where the silence and awareness are the greatest tools for experiencing the bliss in connecting to the whole universe. THE SONG CHOSE HIM!

With that said, I was still a bit weary with his over-confidence and trusting attitude and for the fact that he wanted to take the song in the direction of folk, but, much to all of our liking and soon to be yours, we moved back to the Reggae one day before the recording. When Joseph showed up for the session, his confidence and grace took over the room and for the next 8 hours, his guidance, skill and creativity enammered all of us. A few of the students just sat back and watched as him and his pro engineer designed the room and the sound. For the first time in my life I was able to walk out of the room and trust in his creation. I came back after two hours to a track so full of life energy and so blissfully constructed, I am certain it will be the summertime smash for 2011!

It was one of those situation where his calming charisma lifted us all up and hieghtened our creative output. The drums were finished in 2 takes. The bass, guitars and keys in about 2 hours (all of which he performed). Then I laid my simple guitar riff in 1 take and then, the moment of truth, Vocals! Nailed in 2 takes, both of which are being used! Simply amazing. we started at 12:30 pm and finished by 8:30 with backing vocals and all the layers possible to make an amazing track. We walked out in a stream of hugs and love! I was just blown away. Well, the fact is that we all were mutually blown away by each other. I was told the talk in the control room when I was doing vocals was that I have a Million Dollar Voice. First time I ever heard that, and to hear it from a talented room like that whom has so much experience in the business, well, I am humbled and Elated!!

I was actually so lifted by the experience of the day that I returned and did vocals for "Wonderful Invention" that same night, again, nailing it in 2 takes. Grateful!

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