Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Subconscious Fears - Train From Goa To Delhi

Over the past few years with the exceeding amount of terrorism in the world with 9/11 and the various other attacks and bombs that have been ignited around the world, it is natural to develop a subconscious fear towards those in target, mostly the Muslim community. I had a chance to experience this fear first hand while I was traveling on a 24 hour train journey from Goa to Delhi a few days back. About 10 hours into the journey, late into the night, I woke up to the sight of the empty train cabin that I had been comfortably riding in filled to capacity with Muslim fundamentalists. Now, after hearing of the recent bombings in Delhi and the Muslim connection my thoughts instantly went into a space of fear. For the next few hours, as they went through their prostration's, prayers and offerings my mind found itself in a humorous space. For the prayer, the thoughts went straight to the assumption that they were doing their final prayer before the bomb would blast us off the train. Then, I remember at one point, I saw one of the younger boys run for the sink and immediately I began to think that this was the final moment of my life. Smiling at the obscene nature of the thoughts, but still deeply rooted in the fear, i decided to break the boundary and go have a conversation with them. I must say the air was a little thicker then normal and I really do not believe that it was due to my unconscious fear. I truly believe that Islam has become a religion in the world that has been so saturated, publicly, by violence and suppression that one can naturally feel a sense of heaviness surrounding the people associated with the belief system.

Sitting with them for a length of time was truly a gift of love. I was embraced by their intensity and devotion and although I was not swayed by their constant cunning and preaching of Islam, I found myself to see the love behind each and every word that came out of their mouth. They kept repeating the mantra, "God is Great" and I truly agreed. I just send infinite blessings that they will see and accept the other channels of faith and devotion in the world, then, their will be no need for violence and suppression. I am wholeheartedly grateful to experience this natural phenomenon of the conditioning of the human mind first hand. In truth, all beings just want to experience GOD!! Our labels and judgments add nothing to the light of the world. The best thing we can do is walk into that fear and judgment with an open heart and embrace all those, no matter what association/caste/religion they belong to. This is the only way we will bridge the gaps of unconscious human separation. LOVE!!!!!

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