Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kathmandu - Nepal

AHHHHH, a deep breath from India, even though not one is needed. It is truly amazing how different a culture can be that shares a border and so many of the customs as their neighbors. Just from the flight in, I settled in amazement of this great city settled in the foothills of the Himalayas. The vibration caught hold of me even on the flight in. I was intrigued at the red brick that consumed the landscape of the Valley City.

As I got off the plane, I was instantly me by a man whom took me to the Yellow House, just outside of the main tourist drag Themal. The first blessing was the ability to connect with my great friends Clay and Neti from California, whom I will be traveling with into the circuit. Really, I actually came to Nepal just to renew my visa, but Anapurna was calling, and how Grateful I am that the power of the Himalayas Called!!!!

One thing I noticed first off about Kathmandu is that it is a completely unorganized city. Almost like there was no city plan and the place just sort of naturally grew into the chaotic mess that it is now. But, blessed be that inside all of that choas is the stillness and serenity of Tibetan Buddhism, whose monastaries and Temples are in abundance all over town.

Nepali people are a little edgier then the Indian people, a little more free with their speech and, my god, for the first time in a year, I was able to enjoy a live rock band!!! And, even though they only play cover songs, it was a treat just to see the vibe. The people still retain that heartfelt love and smile, but with a little bit of a Western Flavor of introspection and solitude combined.

It felt nice to be in Nepal, a different spin on Eastern Culture. It was really, nice to be with a few people that are from my hometown, thus opening up the sarcasm and quirky speech patterns that can only be understood by persons from Southern California. If felt surreal to know that the worlds highest peaks are only a few hundred Kilometers away, and even better, I a few days, I will be walking amongst them.

The Yellow Guesthouse is an incredibly amazing journey, just a tad bit outside the Tourist Beat, it is tucked just enough away to give you the peace and serenity you need to prepare for your journey into the mountains. Their chefs prepare some of the best Western and Nepali food that I have ever had, including Pesto Pasta!!!! The staff is Divine, the location is perfect and the rooms are sweet, clean and full of love.

The last blessing of Kathmandu was we were able to go and see an live Nepali Group called Katumba!!!(see video below) WOW. They took us on an dynamic journey through the heart and soul of Nepali Music. We sat in the front row and connected with the musicians as they blissfully and joyfully played through their songs. The setting was inside the oldest part of Kathmandu, Patan, in which we caught a glimpse of the distant Himalayas at sunset. Oh, what a blessing. A different vibration, a different culture, all with the same love for life. I feel blessed to have entered into Nepal.

For Pictures from Kathmandu click here.

Katumba Live Video

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