Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deepa Mehta - Revolutionizing India Through Film

India is on the rise of a sexual revolution and it is beginning to show it's face in the films and music that paint the country. Many of the offerings is crude and adolescent imagery that placates the youth and arises there desires, thus catapulting them into the same mentality that has destroyed much of the Western Youth, but intertwined in the nonsense is always an artist whose art speaks so loudly, the masses shutter the grasp the possibilities of the realism. Deepa Mehta is that artist. Last week, I was able to enjoy two of her beloved offerings. Fire, dealing with the rise and intensity of human desire and Water, dealing with the struggle for freedom in the most far-fetch of circumstances. I have been told that both movies have been banned by the Indian Film Societies and are refused in movie theaters, thus perpetuating the problem that is so evident in Indian Culture, the constant suppressing of sexual desire. When is the world going to open its eyes wide and realize that the resistance and suppression of our ability and tendency to create life is the one thing that is making sex the main focus in all of our lives. People do not understand sex and the energy of sex and the realization of that it is possible to go beyond sex in our lives. The only way for this to happen is through the experience of and acceptance of the actual act itself. i am reading a profound book by Spiritual Master, OSHO, called "From Sex to Super-consciousness." I believe in the transcendence of the sexual act to the ultimate state of pure bliss, in all we do. He says many profound things in the talk, but one that I find most deep seated is that the reason we strive so much for sex is that it is the only way in which we experience EGOLESSNESS and TIMELESSNESS, something everyone on earth is searching for. The blessing is that there are other ways including self-awareness, meditation and connection with nature that can give us this same bliss, but we circle around our lives like wild animals, trying to pro-create with anyone (thing) that we can!!! Anyways, back to the films, just see them if you can, especially is you are Indian and you have a hang-up on the ideas and restrictions of your own culture and heritage. Last, take it light-heartedly, the movies can be quite emotionally stirring. Allow yourself to feel the changing universe, Deepa Mehta is only a gateway of change for a deeply ingrained thought pattern. Love and lightness!!!!

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