Monday, September 15, 2008

Goa During Monsoon - The Ideal Time

Imagine the most heavily tourist place in India looking like this!!! Well, it happens this time of year. All of the tourism packs up and heads for home and all of the nature comes out to play. There is no description that would justify the color of green that omits from the leaves, plant and trees that line this profound coastline. I must say that I find this the best time to be in Goa!! The perectly paved roads are empty which makes for ideal scooting around the island without fearing for your life. You can get yourself a 2 bedroom guest house for about 400 RS which will leave you a block from the beach and give you enough space to cuddle up during those night time rains. Who doesn't love the rain!!!!

I just finished a weeks stay and cannot even begin to express the bliss of being able to capture the awe-inspiring scenery, the stillness of tourism and the complete indulgence in natures gift. Come to Goa during monsoon, it will change your life!!!! It has mine!!! hehheehe. LOVE!!

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