Sunday, September 14, 2008


Criticism - September 11th, 2008

Oh the dagger of criticism to a hungry ego. You will know if you have truly risen beyond the I the next time the you receive criticism for something that you have done or accomplished. Watch the patterns of mind move into a space of covering up and self-preservation. Observe yourself wanting to prove the strength of your offering by telling them to listen like this, see like that, or taste with this. It is so easy to attach onto our creations when we believe that WE are actually the one whom is creating them.

Being there is no absolute truth in any situation, I will give you the relative truth of what keeps the smile on my face day by day, even in the heat of deep criticism. I am a devise! Simply, I am a instrument for the Divine and that great force, GOD, sends the messages through me for those of whom are supposed to hear them. Some people think the music that comes through my being is ****, others have been touched deeply by it. Maybe it is lacking in something, maybe it is perfect the way it is, as all things are. For a little perspective, there are 6 and a half Billion people on the planet and they all have an opinion, and, one day, that opinion will change! So, how seriously will you take there criticism. Put the trust in the Divine, God, however you believe it. heheheheh. Love!!

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