Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Teachers Day!!

Oh beloved saints of the earth!!! Thank you for taking up your dharma and living in line with the path that was meant for you. In reality, we are all teachers of some sort to someone at some time. Every situation we are graced with in the presence of a human being is a chance to learn and grow, thus making each and every one of us a teacher and a student at different times in our lives. I would like to thank each and every person that has crossed my path this year and send them love and lightness!!!

Keep on living your life, you are a teacher for someone, even if you do not have the title!!

On a personal note: This young boy/teacher above is living on the railroad tracks in South Mumbai. He has had quite a life in his few short years, watching his mohter die in front of him and constantly being expossed to the realities and hardships of street life. With this, His affectionate and penetrating presence and smile taught me more then any words could express. His dynamic nature, persistant love and affection and unwavering joy deeply ingrained the lesson of CHOICE. Happiness is a choice in our minds and, even in the worst of situations, we can make that choice. Love!!!!

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