Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pull of Materialism - Observing The External Beauty in Mumbai

Ever since I have been back in the great cultural and entertainment hub of India, I have found myself playfully dancing back in the dance of the material world. Lately, I have been drawn to the style of a man's shoes more then the smile on his face, the cut of a man's jeans more then the light in his heart and have been laughing my way through witnessing and realizing this truth all the way until I actually made my first purchase of 3 pair of jeans...of which I constantly wear now!!! I have been enjoying the fruits of skin tight clothes on the women as I admire their feminine figure triggering a spiraling wave of sexual energy that rises to my heart and leaves me in bliss for the entire day. There is so much beauty in the dance of life if we can walk in and out of the binds of materialism. I know, that, in my now decided residency in Mumbai, I will strap on the duds of the latest trend and strut my way down main street catching the curious eye and the jaded heart. In that dance I know that I will stay rooted in the bliss of non-materialism, but, damn, why it is here and while it is in my face, I am going to damn well enjoy it!!!

On another note, Mumbai is full of music performances, art galleries, dance parties and top of the tier restaurants!!! When you do come, plan to spend more then you would anywhere else in India. It is the city of dreams, india style. You also must realize that in this city of dreams, there are around 42 million people and the 2nd largest slum/village in the east. Can you even grasp the dynamism of life in this city. I think that is why I love it so much. From day to day, you are met with enough people and circumstances to fulfill every piece of your souls longing!!! It seems now Mumbai will be my home. I am proud to stay here for as long as it takes!!

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