Friday, February 6, 2009

Brave New World Working On It's Own

Well, it was about 3 weeks ago that I came to Mumbai simply to record acoustic versions of the tracks of the upcoming album, Brave New World - The Time is Now!! Well since that recording, that was done on the 10th of January, the music has been attracting situations and people to it that are far beyond my doing!! I have just told the universe that I am ready and to do it's work. My intention is to take this music to the world, for the world is in need of more music that can bring people into the light of consiousness. So, staying out of the way, I just show up everyday and allow this great universal flow to do what it must in order to achieve that mission. Well, things are happening and they are happening fast. In the last two weeks, we have met with producers of one of India's greatest empowerment and conscious life festivals, we have met with over a dozen musicians whom are interested in being part of the project and, greatest of all, Full Moon Rising will be performing at one of India's premier live music venues while also discussing touring, management and marketing for this upcoming album. All this and more and, really, it has all come in effortlessly, as we are constantly rooted in the realization that we are not the doers in this whole scenario. I know that I am ready to play this album on the rooftop of the world, but only the universe will create the circumstances, and that it is. All of these meetings were either by chance, or simply taking the opportunity as it came to us. And, best of all, the venue and booking came by the grace of one of the greatest Guru's....The LOVE motorcycle. I simply asked a random guy on the street whom owned the same type of bike if he knew where a mechanic was that could fix her up. Well, it just so happened that this simple man did all the marketing and promotion for one of Mumbai's premier live music venues. In that whole-hearted loving way that is customary of this culture, he gave me his card just in-case I could not find the shop on my own. His card had a Blue Frog on it!!! My question was answered with this..."Blue Frog is an Live Music Venue for International Artists!!" heheheehheh. I love this flow of life!!!!

And, to top that all off, just yesterday I received a call at 3PM from a great friend Neharika, asking whether or not I would wish to play at her college fest at 630 that day. We had spoke the day before about wanting me to play at her college, but, could I have ever expected it to happen so soon!!!! So, the next thing that I know is that we are arriving to the campus and, literally, as we stepped outside of the rickshaw, I heard the man on the center stage announcing my name to the audience and insisting that the come over and see me play. What was even more amazing is that he announced it three times from the moment I got out of the car until the moment that he was out of audible sound!! So, I arrived in my destination and they had set up a little stage in the middle of the campus square, which was an enormous 10 story building in which every floor looked down into this square!!! Amazing. After a little bit of sounding out and getting ready, I look out and there are more then 300 college students waiting eagerly to completely run me off campus or accept the music and vibration whole heartedly into their being. With ease, the latter became the case. There was an instant disconnect with the whole audience with the speaking out of Brave new World. The amazing thing about the youth in India is they are not afraid to Love Something that speaks to their soul and is well intended, even if their friends do not like it!!! I actually mentioned something about that difference in the West, in which, somebody can really love something and look at their friend next to them and if their friend does not fancy the offering they will change their whole view on it!!! The heart is the guide out here and when music hits them in the heart, they have no choice by to listen sincerely, and they did!! What blessed conditioning.

So, that offering has led to a few more open doors and opportunities, so, on to the next!!!! gratitude and blessings!!

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