Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Boy, Booking Agents

Last night, 4th of Feb, I had a wonderful opportunity to have a blast back to the western mind when I engaged in a meeting with the booking agent for the Blue Frog. There is this air about booking agents in when they vibe you with, "I got you by the balls!!" And, honestly, I used to bow down to them and show them false respect....until now. Basically, now, I know that this music deserves to be out into as many different minds and ears as possible, so, the booking is about a greater blessing of music not about me getting on stage. So, whatever games this guy wished to play, we killed him with pure love and intention of uplifting human beings!! So thus, shifting the paradigm to bringing love, not bringing Dan!! Anyone whom wants to play the game, well, we have other people to deal with them!! GOD, Universe, Infinity, or, the people are not yet blessed enough to change their ways!! The Time is Now!!

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