Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New You

WOW!!!!! Tears and more tears. Tears of compassion, tears of gratitude, tears of wondering what lies ahead and tears of hope for the future of our world. For the first time in my life, after so many years of resistance toward politics and the politicians that define the rules. After looking into the eyes of World Leaders and seeing nothing but shame and greed, selfish desire and lies, today, a man stood before the screens, sourceFULLy sounded through the radios and universally lit up the hopes of the entire world. This man is not black or white, good nor evil, he is a symbol of humans ability to change, rapidly. It seems as if Barack Obama is just a pawn in gods plan for our human evolution, and, although skeptics and cynics all over the world are seeing him as just another one of the bad seeds of politics, I find it very clear, through his mere physical form, that he is a man of peace. His smile reflects joy, his voice echos strength and courage, his demeanor emanates serenity and his physique is that of a Yogi, clear and defined. This great time in the world is much more profound then the dawning of the first African American president, today is the first day of a rapid increase in human evolution. With race barriers breaking down, with world alliances on a path to re-uniting, with the hearts of so many men and women open wide to the sky, the man is a beacon of OUR LIGHT inside. We are so lucky to be alive in a time when human beings are given this gracious opportunity from GOD to ignite that flame inside our lives that joins us together!! Yes, it will take time, yes there will be more tears and tears of human cries, but we now have a chance to thrive together as one organism with 6 Billion Connective Tissues. Our great leaders are only pointers to the greatness inside of each and every one of us!!! People Get Ready!!!! The Work Begins Now!!!!

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