Monday, November 3, 2008

Poem - As Of Now!! (A Message to a Dear Friend)

As for this guy, well,
he is free-flowing in the wind
like swaying leaves in a cool breeze,
each day decides the way
in which I will portray the play of my life's purpose,
in search of nothing,
full of the divine,
but dancing joyfully in the bliss of this great play we call life.

I am the King,
I am the pawn,
I am the servant and the saint,
I am the recluse and the socialite,
nothing in spite of anything that might bring a mere smile
into laughter of why,
why am I here,
death is near,
but love is everlasting,
so each day that is my only path,
to love this world and all living beings
so that we last beyond our forefathers grueling past of self-destruction.

I believe in this world,
I believe in the human race,
there is no other way.

It is people like you raising the great beings of tomorrow
that will aid in this devastating blow to human sorrow.
Being alive will always brings challenges into the stride,
but in due time
us beings will thrive
into the light of each others eyes,
where no speech
nor mere word
will serve as a compromise
to hide our lies.

We are beings of light,
extending beyond trivial insight,
ever-connected we all unite
at this time
to become the change,
there is no might,
maybe or
doubt to make me crazy,
only pure confidence
drives this train,
stopping only to gain the momentum of the sages,
powering the seekers into loving persuasion
that flattens greed,
distinguishes need and
enlivens the bliss that remains unchanged under the purity of
our births.

there is no search,
only a constant re-birth,
each and every moment on this


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