Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paradigm Shift Of Love

How many times do we come into contact with people whom say the words, "I am Falling In Love!" or "I Have Fallen In Love!" HHHHMMMMMMM. Let's take a look at the context of these words. Doesn't it seem as if we are setting ourselves up for failure (Fallure) even before we have a chance to love something or someone.

Take a look at the tree in the picture above. This tree has a choice on how to grow on this slope. If the tree has the idea that its life is looking down all the time then it would have grown down the slope, but if you look, the tree has grown toward the rise of the slope, thus standing strong and upright, climbing the hill of life, not falling down. We can be more like this tree and choose to live our lives facing our challenges (the uphill slope) and "GROW IN LOVE" or "RISE IN LOVE"

Many of us do not understand the power of our words, thus we go around diminishing our experiences with what flies our of our vocal chords!!!

Let us create a new Paradigm on LOVE today, and when the wonderful bliss of love for another object or person arises, let us be like the tree and GROW or RISE in love. Then the so-called fall of attachment and desire will be only another chance to improve our lives and our consciousness!!!


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