Sunday, October 26, 2008

First 11 Days Of Anapurna Round - Besisahar to Throng La - The Eastern Accent

I see butterflies dancing in the breeze reflecting their light into me. In each staggering swoop I feel the truth of the universe wavering inconsistently in perfection. How do we know abundance until your focus comes into one, one green leaf, one butterfly wing, one drop of water or the songs of ecstasy extracted from an eagles sway. I have come to commune with the sages, the breath in the ages of vast sums of spiritual wages. To float amongst the clouds but to fall to the roots of the earth like a lightning bolt, steady and strong. What comes through my being is only the thoughts of god and I am here as a beacon, manifesting the pure music within!!!!

These were the first words that I wrote in the 170 pages that streamed out of my heart and soul over the course of my 22 days on the Anapurna Circuit. Let the pictures be your guide through this magical journey into the root of all being, the presence of nature.

The first half of the commune drove me deep into my relationship with nature and all those whom take part in it, including people. Using each and every insect and animal as a reminder of the present moment, I was able to explore the fascinating structures of my minds relationships with human beings and my resistance toward deep intimacy with them. Having my great friends Neti and Clay as guinea pigs and sounding boards I was able to peel back layers and layers of unconscious separation from human beings. Observing the constant flow of nature and pure companionship of the insects and animals around me, I was able to take a deep plunge into these thoughts and make a lasting change. What a blessing!!! What a dynamic journey from 800 meters to 5400 meters. Everyone must take this journey, or some of the like at some point in their ready to grow, naturally and completely!!!

My dreams, along with everyone that I conversed with, were profound insights. My strength increased with every step as I shlepped my guitar up the canyons and inclines leading to the loving villages and epic scenery. My camera really could not grasp the grand nature of all the scenes that surrounded us during these first 11 days. Each day was a new journey into a complete new environment with completely different vegetation and animals. Man I could just go on and on, but what I really want is everyone to take this journey at some point.

Walking is a very powerful way to get clear and deep insight into your nature. I now see why Gandhi did such a thing for so long. I really cannot get enough now. I want to walk everywhere, stay in random guesthouses in random villages all through the mountains. Man, what a gift!!!!

There were a few noteworthy moments that I will share briefly on and keep the rest for a book....

The first was The Food....OH boy, food becomes the most valuable substance when you have been walking for hours each day. Now that Anapurna has grown to be quite a repeated mission, most of the guesthouses have a healthy menu to choose from, and thank God to Neti and Clay for having a similar appetite. We GRUBBED!!!! Pastas, pizzas, soups and of course the Nepali Dhal Bhat, which actually became the most expensive thing after some time (No Logic). desserts were our saviour, we blissed in the sugar high that would take us to the next early morning for another day of climbing and falling, which leads me to the next Blessing....

The Second was the Climbing and Falling Aspect of the trek. It is almost like God designed it to be exactly like life. Once you think you have made a huge climb and you have reached your goal, there is a huge downward fall to make your way down into the valley and then climb up again. OH I love the metaphor.....

The Third was a 2 hour conversation with Clay about humanity and consciousness, while submerged in about 4 inches of scalding hot water, enough to warm your whole body with, and starring at the stars and the white outline of Anapurna II. Pure Bliss......

The Fourth was a run in I had with an small owl, which you can see below and in the video. This owl swooped passed me and continued to sit in pure curiosity as I moved from about 50 feet to within 10 feet of the yellow eyed love creature. Finally I sat down in front of it and stared into its yellow eyes, taking me deep into meditation and bliss. Thank you god for such an profound communion!!!

The Fifth was my sick walk over the pass!!!! During the evening in High Camp, I literally felt darkness consume my whole entire existence, diving me deep into a slumber that would last all evening long. Pained with body aches and coughing beyond my limits, frail in weakened muscular action, I felt like I was on a life or death accent into the pass. There is tons of talk of altitude sickness and death that happens in these low oxygen, high altitude regions. The symptoms did not add up though, so I went for it.....Luckily, Clay had the strength of a warrior on this day, carrying my guitar up the steep incline until about 50 meters from the top, giving me the boost of carrying my creation maker to the top. During this 4 hour struggle, I danced through my mind in ways that I hadn't in years. From Fear to Ego, from Death to Light. I honestly thought there were points when I was not going to make it. It was the weakest I had ever been in my life and complete surrender was necessary to complete the journey. Surrender is what I did!!! I took my time, rested every 5 steps, let all the people I had been passing the whole trek pass me by, and finally, In the heat of pain and sadness, the righteousness of the summit came upon me and showered in the light of life.....The rest I will share in the 2nd part....THE DESCENT!!!

The Sixth is ANAPURNA IS CHALLENGING!!!! I was really surprised to see how challenging it was, considering almost 70,000 people do the trek per year. Hats off to all the worlds adventurers!!

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