Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Constant Reminder

We all know it deep in our souls that Nature and everything in it is a pure reflection of the present moment. No animal, plant, or river has any other thought other then the present moment. No place to be, nobody to please, and nothing to hold onto. These species are simply going through the cycle of birth and death and going through whatever their path of service on this earth may be.

So many times on my journey in the Himalayas, I would ponder in my mind if I was DOING the right thing by being up here. Should I be back in America helping my country? should I be back in India teaching?? Am I a bad and selfish person for taking this journey?? Should I give away all my money??? I could go on for days on the incessant repetitive thoughts that tried to pull me away from experiencing the pure joy of spending that much time in the grasps of the moment, immersed in nature. It was truly amazing to watch nature work it's magic on me, forcing me into complete unity and thus merging me into its simplicity by sending me a beautiful butterfly, or a curious Water Buffalo or an extravagant plant or tree. Next thing I know I would find myself completely present with this living creature, conversing in our silence and communing in joy.

Really, Nature is our gift, spend as much time becoming one with it!!!!

This Universe Is Profound!!!

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