Saturday, January 26, 2013


This is an important download (I Feel :) for all my fellow artists out there in the world riding the train of belief over desire ....


The last eve of the Full Moon I had another one of those strong epiphanies.  The Full Moon always tunes me into the highest frequencies and when I listen clearly, I get the some of the greatest visions (i.e. The Full Moon Rising Collaborative music project and Brave New World Album Visions both came on Full Moons)  Anyways, back to the most recent one.  I decided to listen to Brave New World - The Time is NOW! while taking a moon lit stroll in the open field across from my flat.  When I listen to the record I usually get quite expressive and sing out loud, so best to go out into an open area where everyone can hear but nobody can actually see clearly who you are so I can really live out loud.  During the 4th song of the album it came …. 

The song "Searching" is a modern progressive rock track that touches on the subject of man's search for an absolute truth and has quite eye opening lyrics that lead us to see the infinite possibilities of every moment.  At the height of it I started pondering how I could get the world to really HEAR this track, how I could get on a big enough stage, how to promote, how to market and then how to get people to give up their separation and surrender into the collective ONE that is humanity.  And that was it!  The collective ONE …. AAAAHHHHAAAAA.  So, for the remaining 2 and a half minutes of this song and the last half hour of the album I felt deep into my heart connection with every single being on this planet -human and non- and in my mind, the whole world was a stage and we were all on it, transforming together.  It was more then the lyrics that I was sharing, it was an essence of love, compassion and gratitude for every single life form on the planet.  There was so much power, so much connection, IT WAS and IS REAL.  Everyday since that point, when I am practicing I get into that same space, sometimes it is focused on a particular group of friends and family, maybe the slums outside my window, or the war mongers or maybe just the forest and I exchange this energy and offer my art in reflection with the intention of EVOLUTION.  I cannot explain the energy that I feel, it is like I am performing a concert for millions everyday!

So I ask my fellow musicians and artists to reflect deep into the reason why we create art.  It MOVES US. and most of us spend our lives searching for opportunities to move others in the same way.  Well, here is what I say:  WE are moving people in every moment we create.  We are moving people when we sing in the shower and if you think big enough, we can move people all over the planet without actually being in front of them.  We can surround the world in our essence, sing out our messages in any capacity and they are having an impact.  If all the metaphysical stuff is true and a flap of a butterflies wings in Brazil causes an earthquake in Africa,  then with or without a stage, with or without a gallery, with our without a studio, every moment we create we are moving people all over the world.

Now, I am not saying this because I want us artists to give up the drive to share our dreams in a huge way in the physical world.  Dream big and I am SURE it will come.  But, with this notion, I feel we can focus clearly on being of service and be able to let go of a lot of the pressure and Ego that comes with that fight for recognition. With that state of mind, we can relax into the knowing that we artists are a great service to this world and we will always be taken care of in every moment, and with a little bit of vision and strong intention, we can move the mountains that we know we are capable of through the power of our hearts and the strength of our minds and at the end of our days, when we reflect back, whether we reached the physical success of Bono or stayed in the close confines of our bedrooms, we can rest assured that we truly made a difference.  Really, the only thing that we will not see when we practice giving in this way are the Ego inflating praises and deflating criticism of the masses that actually believe they are separate from us.   I pray that we all can see beyond this limitation!  THE TIME IS NOW!


With Peace and Gratitude.

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