Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunrise 365 - Day 84 - A Practice For Peace

Are you feeling peaceful today? Is the world and all of it's distractions keeping you from seeing the shining light that you are inside? If so, I have a nice practice (and quick of course, I remember that we don't have TIME these days, even though time is only in the mind, but thats for another day).

I know that everyone has seen a sunrise at some time in their life and have watched and contemplated the glorious manifestation of a new day. Well, the practice is exactly that. For a few minutes let's close our eyes, breath into that light shining inside of us and picture the light of first day. Contemplate the stillness that surrounds it and the dance of nature as it wakes up with you. See yourself as being surrounded in this peaceful energy of the sunrise for the whole entire day and when things come up that attempt to pull you into a frenzy, close the eyes again, even for 30 seconds and come back to the space. next thing you know you will be a walking sunrise and everyone that meets you will feel like they have just seen the light of a new day.

With LOVE!

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