Thursday, May 12, 2011


What are these symbolistic layers of fabric that we wave through the sky with high ideals? What do they really symbolize in OUR lives? The Past? The Future? NOW? Or a complete collection of the whole?

Who is to say that this country is MINE or that country is YOURS? Imagine the speck of time that this body comes to this earth and lands in a Flag Bearing Country.

In this life I am an American Citizen. This relation to a flag has it's freedoms and it's barriers as I travel through the world. There is so much wrapped around a Flag, politics, rules, governments, fools, but the greatest and only thing I choose to look at when I see a FLAG is COLOR. Our countries define culture and culture is interesting and dynamic, to be explored as much as possible in the short time that we get to venture through our lives.

I guess my focus is unclear on what point I really want to get across in this message of FLAGS, but I will not for another moment watch the world wave flags as a symbol of strength over another FLAG, holding them in pride when one countries conquers another or when the media LIES and states that A ONE COUNTRY HAS DEFEATED AND KILLED A RULER (hint hint).

LIving in Israel, I find so many people here PROUD to be Israeli, Proud in a way that separates them from the rest of the world in ways that are superior or inferior. What nation is TRULY superior to another. Every nation in the world will go through a cycle of power and strength due to the consciousness of the citizens. Right now America is getting a wake up call to the lack of ACTUAL STRENGTH the nation has and this is causing the people to OPEN THEIR EYES.

Again, where am I going with this, nowhere, just like devoting oneself to a country of a FLAG. I am devoted to LOVE, to UNITY and to the experience of life as a whole. By venturing into other FLAG oriented places with lines drawn as borders and people protecting territory like savage beasts, I intend to honor my connection to each and every being in the region as a being of LIGHT and LOVE and COMPASSION, and soon enough we will create a NEW FLAG that encompasses all the colors of the globe, but then there will be no reason for a flag. So for now, I play the game of flags clothed in these rags that are considered tags by material hags. I choose to dance and romance with the world as whole simple because it interest me to do so ….. Do I stand behind one nation, religion or ONE form of spirituality? I stand behind them all, because at the core, they were all created by human beings and in all human beings there is LOVE.

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