Friday, May 22, 2009

Sending Purity to Walk About Love

On the 2 and a half hour journey out to meet with the Loving minds of the "Walk about Love" Peace March, My mind did it's best to create the mask of Egoic Fear. How much will I be judged? With they accept me and my songs??? But, most of all, I could on imagine what it was going to be like to set up a sound system and microphone at a Enormous Campfire!! Why?? The more and more I am traveling on this path of music, the more an more I am being treated and respected as a Professional Musician. Getting paid huge sums, getting honored and place on pedestals by Club Owners, Musicians and Organizers, and, the only one whom is not accepting it is ME!!! I am constantly striving to connect and be one of the people as I always will be. But, the greatest thing about music is that it does connect and it does allow people to learn and grow though there own experience inside the music. All of these stages being set for me is setting up a great place for the Artist that is me to be respected enough to do my thing, and create the space of purity and love, naturally. The universe is working magically and allowing things to happen, creating this platform for me to get paid, honored and respected as an Artist, and, after last night, I accept.

So back to the Walk About Love. So, imagine 100 loving individuals sharing collective space sitting around a campfire enjoying. Here I come, from the US, the one place which has a bad rap for thinking they are greater then everyone else, and I am set up to play and sing for the whole group!! Whatever walls and judgements existed inside myself and those around me were quickly absorbed in the vibration of LOVE!! I honestly thought I was coming to jam with the people making the walk, and then, I am set up with a sound-system, what??!!! Yes, it was weird, for the 6 seconds that I sang on the system, and then, I just decided to make the evening, simply, what the evening was supposed to be, A fireside Jam Session. So, for hours on end we played endless jams of high vibrational rifts that eventually brought the stand-offish audience into an all out collective dancing unity tribe, the way it was intended to be from the beginning. And, even though they spent the first 30 minutes or so accepting the fact that I was not going to showcase a bunch of music but rather become a part of the tribe of love, by the end, it was an all out festival of light and love.

I feel so much love and gratitude for my abilities to connect and to send a pure vibration of energetic upliftment into the hearts and souls of these fine people. It was a magical night, the energy just kept increasing and blossoming with each moment and carried on long after I left the musicians circle!! As for the habits and ways of marchers, well, I know that drug indulgence and usage has become a way of life for the Free, but, really, the most freedom I experienced in this life comes when I can celebrate and drop all the illusions of the world and wake up joyfully. The usage of Drugs and Alcohol gave me the first part, temporarily, but always made the next day of illusions even harder to bear. The most amazing thing about the celebrations of this sort that were happening in Los Angeles was the simple fact that we were reaching extreme levels of joy and bliss without the limiting, emotional disruption of Toxic consumption. I did my 10 year Toxic sentence on this planet and know that we can rise and evolve through the breath and meditation, reaching far beyond the expanded levels of Drug Related highs, but, I know we will continue to do both, and, I feel there is nothing wrong with it, I just have experienced a different way.....OK, NOW I AM RAMBLING!!! Must move on.........LOVE!

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Leo said...

Comprendo, hermano, comprendo.
Very well said.