Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down the Konkan Coast - Sureal Emptiness!!

After Four hard-Working months in Mumbai, I couldn't think of anything better then to get on the Love Machine and go for a journey down the coast with an Dear Friend!! So, that is exactly what I did. Dave Matthews "Some Devil" album became the soundtrack as The Angels of Love and Bliss carried us up and down some of the most serene coastline I have ever seen in my life. For the first time in India, the roads actually lined the coastline, giving us a cliff top views of Forts and the brilliance of the Indian Ocean!! When the road did take it's turn inward, we were were gratefully met with a forest of Shade covered road to protect us from the summer heat. We stayed in a Quaint little beach bungalow for a few nights and even ventured to sleep on the sand on a deserted beach down about 200 KM south of Mumbai. Our time constraint did not allow us to venture al the way down the coast, as I heard the beached get even more serene the further you go, but we did get to scratch the surface.

This land was completely empty, actually justifying the many times that we were told that it was. In India, it is hard to believe it when people tell you that there are no people around, because, to most indians, a family of 7 surrounding you is like being on a deserted Island. But, really!! This place was completely empty.....and....it was a Holiday Weekend!!! So, they actually told us this was the high season. We would drive sometimes for 20 minutes and not see another vehicle. It was almost scary at times!! We ate amazing food, slept a whole lot, did a lot of reading, and fell in love with each and every moment . We were awoken by the Mosques every morning, a sound that was coupled by the howling of the local dogs, almost in harmony!!! We Got a flat tire that led to a full scale dance off in the Village of Rajpuri. We ate tons of good food, spent a lot of time with the locals, rode almost 500 KM of Beach side and Forest Roads and fell more deeply in love with the simplicity of life, love and travel. No phones, no computers, just deep connections with every moment. What a blessed life we have chosen!!! Thank god for all the instant manifestations!!!!

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Leo said...

Awesome! What fun. Spontaneous dancing can be the very best kind.