Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Landing in the home of LOVE - Israel!!!!

Israel is a pure symbol of how much the media is FULL OF SH*T!!!!!

After hearing all the stories, reading all the bad rap on this country, spreading fear and terror all over the world about this sacred land being full of bombs blasting and fighting civilians, I found myself laughing and walking with open-heart bliss as I stepped off the plane!! I could not believe for one moment that anything bad has ever happened in this place. I felt the pure vibration of love as I moved through the city, I saw nothing but beautiful people interacting, well-paved roads and expensive shops. I see beaches that are pure white sand, full of sea-side cafes and half nude people. I sit in open air cafe's during the day, sipping on fine tea, eating some of the best food I have had in years. I am home, I am free and there is clean air to breath!!!! I could have never imagined such an incredible feeling stepping into a country that has such a bad media Air - Globally! Stop reading the papers and start listening to the people in whom you trust. All the answers to our questions are known by that person sitting next to you that you are so afraid to speak with. Interact more and become one in society. THE TIME IS NOW. We must Stop letting media control our thoughts!!!!


Leo said...

Sounds incredible. I've met so many Israelis everywhere I've traveled, especially in India. Have heard so many wonderful things about the place. I must go some day.

loren said...

i'm glad to hear it from you.
especially that im from isreal, and to hear some lovely words like this it's so warm .

you see,its all about point of view of the human been, we listen to much to the pepole outside and by the time we forgot to listin to our selfs,and what our heart relly want.
people need to relax and thing about the world as a better world.

sometime finding your self it can be by love , by friend by meditation ,by music...
and by all the things that make you feel happy , calm and open mind.

people like you should be more in our word, all this things is the secret of the human spirit.

i wish you luck =]