Thursday, April 23, 2009

An response to the 10th Chapter in Richard Bach's Book ONE

Showing up and seeing the world turn
into sparkling images of light
we danced, we sang
we played in the game,
and the only time I felt stuck
is when I tried to stay to the rules
What the F***
The wisdom is in the creativity,
mindless offerings
of Spontaneous
creative puss
oozing out of our every breath
walking step by step
let please let
us out of any box to show us how,
so we can see the light
our own way
through the creations that come today
tomorrow and yesterday
I am the light
I am wisdom
and the truth
I hold true
is because of
all of you/it
it is the light I see in the space
between thought
to actually think
one could teach me
The Spiritual Teacher
lives inside of me
and outside there are
posts, reminders
an time and time again
they are set as blinders really
confusion is only a thinking mind
peace is a watchful one
once I read, my mind starts to feed
and the space in which spirituality breeds
is overcome by conceptual need.

Witness this
witness this
witness this

I am only hear as a facilitator of space
like a womb of comfort
your realities shall be realized
recognized and ripped wide open
so the pages of your heart
will turn into volume
before anyone can read your truth
you will set us free by burning them,
saving us from a new religion!!!

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