Friday, April 10, 2009

Boiling Up!!! - A Poem

Something festers in the space
Time Wasted on thoughts interlaced
Wandering Senses Searching for a place
Sparking a line of scarcity
inventing perversions of safety
remarkable visions of trembling
sleeping in a bed of sweat
with tears eroding canals under my eyes
I'm tired
battered by a pattern
whether it's the weather or not
time stops
but flickers in my mind
like a hammer to the head
holding on for something more
releasing all control
I lie here on this bed of sweat
tossing and turning
in the fears of humanity
Who's going to love me?!
Who's Going to help?!
Fueling utter insanity
This town is penetrating
patterns of an inner child
screaming out for love,
and finding it.............
in the very core of Existence!!!
Who Would have known????
We all do ....... if we chose to SEE!

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