Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Re-Defining Body Image

I have struggled for years with societies view of what sexy is supposed to be "shaped" like and have had to look within to see the qualities of my beloved partner that moved me towards her that attracted me to her "inner" sexiness. It floors me to see our world sell sexy through 17 year old innocence, photo shopped faces and stick figures. It seems as if the age of our models gets younger and skinnier every year and "sexy" has practically become "to young to go there" or “REALLY???!!!”  And, the funny thing is, my big blues wander the vast sea of advertising and living products of advertising and I find myself, even after all these years of inner work, projecting what I think sexy "should be" on my partner and society.  

Well, the other day blew my mind and changed the game forever!!

There is an incredible photographer on an profound mission to show the inner light of a woman that is beyond her shape by shooting nude photos of any size, shape, color and on and on (there was woman with one arm fully embodied!!). His idea is to capture that profound self appreciation that exudes all the sexiness a man could ever desire. We arrived at his quant Santa Ana apartment and were met by a peppy jazz tune and a smiling face that could light up any room. We relaxed, engaged in a profound conversation about the changing humanity, and, As I watched my wife, stripped of all layers, fully embody HER BODY, I could not help but feel the sensations of my desire rise up through every cell of my body and the flashes of ancient times (and not so ancient times) where the fullness of a woman's body was deemed sexy, where life experience was deemed sexy, where a woman embodied WOMAN in every sense of the word.  My Mind is forever changed. 

If your a man and your woman does not have the body of a teenage girl, be grateful and explore the layers of life experience that have created such an authentic creation, go deep, be present, allow the storm of her Being to come alive, fully!   If your a woman and you cannot look in the mirror because you intend to model the teenage dream of beauty, WAKE UP, relax, and allow the fullness of your womanhood to take shape, and with confidence, walk out in the world knowing that you are desire in motion, full of the essence of life and expressing that through every cell of your body.  

Like the photographer Romeo Gil said during our time together, “I like ALL women in their fullness, of all shapes and size.” What this man has set out to do is simply …. transformational.  What a Brave New World we reside in when all the eyes are pointed back inside to find the light!  The Time Is Now!

Connect with Romeo here if you are interested in finding out more about his incredible mission.  

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