Monday, February 1, 2010

A Spiritual Principle that came during guitar practice today via Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar Book

While in the middle of my guitar practice today, I dawned upon an spiritual principle that I have shaped my life around. It came in this text…

"Food for thought: wouldn't it be great to hear someone who could emulate George Benson, Jeff Beck, Shawn Lane and Jerry Donahue all at the same time? What I'm suggesting is of course preposterous, but my point is that you should learn from everything that you hear rather then develop tunnel vision by focusing too much on one player, in this way, you'll endue absorbing a range of different influences and combining them in a unique way, and the results are far more likely to sound like you!"
-Guthrie Govan

This goes for everything in life. Nowadays in my life, while walking a spiritual path, I seek knowledge from every living thing, every experience, every Master, thus creating my own unique path. As I run my business, I seek mentorship from various successful beings in all fields of Craft.

So many people in the world get STUCK in one-pointed focus on ONE THING, when our one-pointed focus should be in the brilliance and colors of every moment, this is the place in which we can learn more and more each moment and clearly dawn upon our own Unique existence!!


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Unknown said...

yes yes yes! expand that field of awareness to encompass all...or at least all you can hold in a moment.
beautiful, bro.