Friday, January 22, 2010

The Connection Proof Box of Modern Technology

After being in the States for a month and witnessing the constant usage of Google Maps on the iPhone, 3G, ect…I found out that there is actually Google maps in INDIA!!! So, yearning for that isolation and control that having your own navigation system provides, I set out to follow directions from the computer. The most classic thing about it is that Google maps actually gives you directions just like an Local person would, giving odd landmarks and way off Kilometer calculation. I think it was only about 10 minutes before I was completely lost and having to go back to my favorite way of getting around…ASKING PEOPLE!! So, it just so happened that a young English Speaking man pulled up next to me and guided me on the whole entire journey to where I needed to go, almost 50KM away, and, I got to make a new friend, connect and share in countless smiles and warm embraces. At the very end of my journey I had told him that I attempted to go to my destination using google maps…he kindly laughed and told me, "Don't follow these internet Googles and things out here in India, you must ad THE PEOPLE, they will always guide you safe!" And, as for the last 2 years of traveling on the "LOVE MACHINE", they always have and I know they always will when I open my heart…

Part of me reflected back to the short time I spent in the US and observing that each and every person has a navigation system in there automobile now, which, works in 2 ways…

1. Efficient Travel…

but sadly….

2. Complete Disconnect from the essential human NEED, the need to contribute.

There is such an amazing feeling that comes when we do something nice for someone…LIKE…GIVING THEM DIRECTIONS…how about next time, you give someone that gift by turning off the computer and trusting humanity!!

With Love and Laughter!

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