Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arriving Back in The Motherland - Mumbai to Rishikesh

A sleepless Plane Ride arriving at 4AM landed me in the sweet and savory scented India with a bit of a tired eye and tinge of intolerance, luckily, I have a year and a half of cell restructuring to help code the re-entry into the land of gentle chaotic presence. The transition was quite gentle and loving, much like my first arrival in India, only this time, I knew where I was going, how to get there and what was the safest and cheapest way to go. As I was getting off the plane though, I could not help but think of the old days in American Airports when you could walk right off the plane and your loved ones would be standing right outside the gate waiting for you....Awe the good old days, when fear was limited...oh, speaking of.....WOW!!! Check this out!!! Swine Flu Craziness Experienced First Hand, I cannot believe that the world is actually subscribing to this nonsense!!

Anyways, after an nice nap I ran around Mumbai and visited some dear friends, "walked on water, cured a disease, why are miracles so hard to believe.." he, actually I observed the resistance to the crowded scene in Mumbai and smiled my way through it. Actually, for the first time, the Dirt and Pollution had a profound effect on my mind and I was practically driven to get back on the plane and go back to the beloved community in Israel, but, something told me to stay through, I did!!!

At 11:30 PM I boarded a 41 hour train to Rishikesh in which I sat in silence practically the whole way. I felt quite a bit of separation from the culture at this time and had rooted down in some old patterns, but, the Great Mother always has a way to shake you up, so, she did!! Blessing me with an hour and a half walk carrying 60 kilos of Luggage uphill to the Guesthouse in which I was pleasantly greeted by The Loving Warmth of Mai, nestled gently into the forest of Rishikesh at the Pyramid Cafe. Get this, Outdoor Pyramid Bungalow to stay in with 24 hour WIFI...THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!!

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