Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Due to the separation that was created in Israel, there was quite a bit of pent up emotion and energy awaiting my arrival. A lot of questions to be answered, decisions to make and intentions to set...and...I am proud to say that with days and days of rage, resistance and what seems like an exorsism, I now stand solid on the ground standing behind clarity and intention. I must say that the patterns of the Western Mind are presented so clear when you arrive in India. I spent the first days fighting hand and hand for patterns of thought that I had not experienced in years, control, anger, fear, aggression, anxiety, worry, doubt, not being able to make decisions. I bled and bled, sleeping on a floor of water next to palm sized spiders and painfully landing on the receiving end of an influx of constant misquito attacks....yeah, I know, poor me :) Anyways, I traveled through pattern after pattern, breaking through some and hiding behind others until I landed on some gentle loving footing in which I felt solid enough to reach out and host a little community gathering. Running around, spreading light and bringing people together is always a profound way to work through some patterns. So, that is what we did. And, in a days time, 50+ people gathered in the CENTER of LIGHT (A powerful manifestation of a spiritual haven being torn apart by the Indian Government! Please help Shoshana and George if you can!!!) in Rishikesh to Laugh, Sing, Dance and shine their lights on humanity. In a sacred circle we shared our hearts bliss, and spoke from the lightest place in our soul.......GOD I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Rishikesh is beyond words, really. The moment you land and catch a mere glimpse of the Ganga, her power and strength pulls you into the silence within. To sit and watch her gracefully power through the valleys brings us to the deepest and most profound meditation. during Monsoon it is a real treat, her waters have stretched to almost double the girth that is attained during the season. Once again, I will say it, Monsoon is the best season in India!!! Although, something strange is going on this year, the rainfall is about 50% the norm!! Hmmmm, could it be an internal struggle arising in India. Mother Nature knows how to wake up people the best.....we will see. I am praying for rain everyday!!

We met so many brilliant souls in the short week that we were there, just amazing!! Cannot wait to see them all again all over the world!! We love you all the LIght Warriors, shed your loving soul upon them all!!

What a blessing!!!! Rishikesh, community of ONE......I LOVE YOU!!!

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