Sunday, March 1, 2009

Living the Music!!

So, since I have began to release the acoustic demos of the tracks for my upcoming album, the Great Universe has given me a chance to live the message in the tracks themselves. The very next day after second track, Into the Sun, was shared, I came down with an chest cold that stuck around for the last two weeks, debilitating most of my daily existence. During this time, we have moved apartments, played and organized an event for the youth, played a college festival and helped inspire an group of young musicians to share their talents. Instead of letting the sickness control my life and keep me from contributing to the world, I got out of bed each day and out of "ME" and did what I needed to do in the world on that day, thus living and experiencing the track, "Into the Sun." I am blessed that the great Universe is setting up opportunities for me to live the music has come through, rather then to conceptually put it out there because I read or heard someone speak of these things!! Only then, can the music maintain it's purity!!

For the first track, "Walking Through" I was blessed with the opportunity to lose my LAPTOP!!! You can imagine how many changes that brought up in my life. I had no choice but to gracefully walk through them!!! So while I have been compiling all the old information and busting through the walls of self-hatred, I immediately rose into love and acceptance for the happening and sent a blessing to honor the recipient of such an large gift!! After two weeks of waiting, I was then blessed with a brand new Mac Book Pro in which I received at the price I was willing to pay. This new machine has brought up even more change in my life as it is moving at such intense velocity, that it literally has my head spinning all day long in awe of the amount of work that can be accomplished in a 24 hour period!! WOW. "Walking Through" is right.

I must thank God for this incredible opportunity to authenticate the offerings that are coming through me. What kind of musician and teacher would I be if I was actually just regurgitating old information. Living the songs is the most important thing that can happen in this life. And as that journey of authentication transpires into a living reality, again, I show up every day ready to accept each living moment, sharing, caring and growing more deeply into that loving space. They say that God will only give you what you can handle. Well, there is sure a whole hell of a lot on the plate right now, and, each and every day I am ready for a new and dynamic challenge.

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