Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playing to the Ones in Need - Blue Frog - March 5th, 2009

Our preparation and sound check was flawless, our meditation before the show took us deep into the harmony of all existence and when the lights went out and Full Moon Rising was announced, we took the stage as musical light-beings, ready to offer something unique and special for the people in attendance. Looking out over the crowd of upper-middle class Indian and Foreign NRI's, we were met with a crowd, in which the majority showed up only because it was the cool thing to do. It was a full-house, but the 10 foot raised stage and far-removed booths and tables in the venue gave that eerie feeling of a club in which the music act becomes separate from the audience, sometimes providing background music and other times, irritating the audience. Knowing that our sound had the vibrations of love, we continued through the night landing upon moment after moment of elation and spontaneous uplifting vibrational flows. We were in a cosmic dance of musical creation, as the four of us had only worked together for one day. Finishing soul stirring songs like Brave New World and WAWFF to be met only with an courtesy applause made us wonder, "what the hell is going on?" So, I went about my usual banter, getting those involved whom did not want to and those who were already involved to dive deeper. I went after the audience. And, then, finally, toward the end of the show, I jumped off that stage into the audience to only be met with the realization that the sound in the room was at such a level that you could possibly sleep soundly in the middle of it. Why would the sound be so low? Why would we be treated as the dinner party band??? Why would we be so separate from the audience?? What happened to people coming to a live music venue to see live music???

The answer came even at the beginning of the night. We will keep the vibration of LOVE, COME WHAT MAY!! And, we did!! Those whom got involved, blissed out in the sounds of soulful reflection, Experienced something magical, and, those whom spent their night conversing instead of watching, I have agreed to conclude that the high vibrational content of the music this evening will have an effect on their life. Who knows, maybe they woke up transformed. I only pray for that awakening through the vibrations of music!! I know we were awakened, just by being together onstage and allowing the great gift of musical flow to come through us.....effortlessly.

As for the Blue Frog, well, I am sure it has it's nights, being that it is the 4th best Venue in the world. But, words of advise for anyone playing...BRING YOUR OWN CROWD!!!! The local crowd there is streamed completely from upscale dinner/nightclubs from all over the world in which the interest in the musical offering (If it is not Mainstream POP) comes second to the mindless chatter and gossip of their daily GAB!!

With Gratitude and Love for yet another opportunity to grow!!

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