Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Freedom is an Inner Game

While many people today celebrate a sold sense of freedom that very few actually experience on a deep level in our country, I reflect back to 17 years ago.

As I watched the first firework shoot into the fading daylight just outside the Las Vegas Strip on July 4th, 2000, I received a call from Hospice that my mother had passed on.

While my friends broke down in tears, I celebrated deeply knowing that my mother had found her freedom from the agony and detriment of 2 years fighting cancer.

To this day, I celebrate her life and I reflect on the journey of personal freedom that I have embarked on since her passing.

I grew up trapped by my own intellect. Trapped and caged by what I thought I was supposed to do or supposed to be.

I fought aimlessly to please.

I strived to fit in and "do the right thing."

The American Dream never made sense to me. It didn't feel free. It felt constrictive and controlled.

The only freedom I felt was when I did drugs, drank excessively or rebelled against society in one way or another. That ended up leading to even more agony.

Then I found mediation and breathing techniques, travelled the world, spent 10 days in Silent Meditation (4 Times), took on a 3 hour daily practice and began to uncover a visceral experience of deep personal freedom that existed inside of me.

Freedom is an inner game. There is truly no free person in our world when they have not found freedom inside of them.

Nelson Mandela only became free locked in a cage.

People all over the world under the most harsh conditions find freedom in prayer, meditation and gratitude.

As I reflect on my Mom, My Personal Journey of Freedom and the Freedom of so many that have found it in the most unlikely places, I pose the following questions ...

Are you truly free?

If not, what could you do to be free now, in this moment?

Then, what could you do in this moment?

How would you BE in the world if you knew that you were truly free?

America is so good as sales, at marketing. Everyone prances around in a state of conceptual freedom while they follow the conditioned laws and ways of a culture designed by control (remember, it started that way, when the first settlers arrived and controlled or killed off the natives. The "Forefathers only set the intention of freedom after that, but the very foundation was counter to the intention and then echoed through the generations with racism, sexism and other isms and still echoes to this day).

And, many people don't even know they are being controlled as the media and advertising agencies have become masters at subtle manipulation.

With that said, there is also the people that are finding their way to true freedom by looking inside. Then, when they start to go outside they relate to the world on their terms and Start businesses and systems that reflect what they truly want.

I celebrate the few that are truly making their American Dream, in their way!

We always have remember, freedom is an inner game.

To keep coming back home to the only place that you are truly free.

That place deep inside that is always at peace.

I wish you the foundational intention of America within you, everyday in every way!

P.S. In the upcoming months I will be releasing a free ebook with the working title "Be Free Now - Crucial Life Lessons for Finding Peace in Uncertain Times" - Stay tuned :-)

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