Friday, June 21, 2013

We CAN Create Weather

Written on September 10th, 2012

Have you ever heard these words from a loved one that you have visited, "You brought such amazing weather with you."  Well, maybe that is exactly what you have done. 

The more and more I dive into a "more connected" life, the more I see the connection to the whole of existence and the more I see our power as human beings to actually work in harmony with nature to create various weather patterns.  It may seem a bit far-fetched huh.  But let me give you a few interesting examples that have happened in my own life.

I tend to be a bit of a tree hugger, not the over the top kind that regulates life down to the sole of the shoe for sustainability ( I may be there soon though), but, more so I like to commune with Nature, respect her and sing to her for healing and to create dynamic change in my world.  So I am constantly speaking to plants, thanking the sun for shining, playing with creatures from the smallest ants to the huge moo moo cows that cross my path daily and practicing sustainable living by using biodegradable products and services.  Each tiny little act I believe makes a difference and makes me feel holistically better.

My first witnessing of the power of the human soul to move nature was at the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore, India during Navaratri.  During this 9 day festival, ceremony, or puja, is done daily as an offering to Mother Earth and the Gods.  By the 6th day of the events something strange began to unfold.  Every night that the ceremonies took place a trend came along with it, RAIN, and lots and lots of it!  As soon as the ceremony was finished, the rain would stop.  Interestingly enough, when you would ask someone in the city, only 15 to 20 KM from the Ashram, if they enjoyed the rain last night, they would retort with a befuddled reply of "what rain?" 

When I began to ponder the amount of heart - based, well intended thought energy that was going into the ceremonies, it was easy to come to the conclusion that we were collectively creating this abundant weather pattern.

The next instance I was not a part of, but was deeply moved by and inspired to write the song "Blue Water Rise" off of my latest album "Brave New World - The Time is NOW!"  In this instance, I was told that a giant drum inlayed with thousands of crystals was brought to Israel to perform ceremony for various reasons, one being to aid in bringing more water to the surface of the drying country.  In one of the various ceremonies, more then 200 people came together to bang the drum with the intention of springing water northern part of Israel.  The next day, it was told that a fissure sprang up from underneath the ground, bringing more life to the country!

Now for my own direct experience that happened just over the last few weeks.  We had the pleasure of working with a group of Young Leaders in Mumbai and we conducted a workshop on the multitude of powers in music.  Now, for the 3 month Monsoon season here in Mumbai this year it has been more like a Mo then a Monsoon, only bringing occasional drips and drizzles but no consistent rain.  These rains are the life blood of the country and necessary for the sustainability throughout the year.  A light monsoon season could be seriously detrimental to the livelihood of millions and millions of people.  So we decided to use the healing powers of the song "Blue Water Rise."  A song which was composed with the intention using our human powers to WORK WITH NATURE and transform our environments into favorable ones. 

We had the young leaders close their eyes and call into their hearts the importance of continued rain for the people of Mumbai and beyond.   We invited them to hold that intention throughout the song and to call more rain into Mumbai and its surrounding areas. 

We finished with a smile and a sing along and then we all parted and went our own ways.  By nightfall, the rains began, and, here I sit more then 10 days later, and we continue to get more then 6 hours of steady rain EVERYDAY.  Now we could probably call this coincidence or just the way that it is this year, which is probably true in some respect, but I also believe that we have enormous constructive and destructive powers as a human species and I was working with the youth, which has tons of power and youth leaders ….. well …. I think there is something to it!. 

I believe we have the powers to turn livable land into arid ones as well as dry desert into tropical paradise.  But we must travel into the depths of our hearts and collaborate with our deepest self, the one in which we feel connected to everything, most importantly to the Earth that we inhabit on.  Most of us are running around actually believing that we are ABOVE nature, killing species after species, chopping down the trees that assist us in breathing, and over consuming only to feed our own desires and needs and then we cry and shout and scream when our loved ones are displaced or even killed by natural disasters.  How else to we expect her to clean up the mess.  It is just like our human bodies, when it gets polluted by over consumption and waste, we have to clean it out using various means and this causes storms of output which include violent movements and foul smells.  Do we really think the Earth is any different?   Maybe, just maybe, if we start seeing our great big ball as one that we MUST respect and collaborate with, we will create a more harmonious existence with her, much like the ones that are going on with indigenous cultures all around the world.  Study up and read the power the leads us to create a reality in which we are in harmony with everything we see.  For me, I am devoted to this journey and am now seeing results clearly through my own experience.  For that I am extremely grateful!

OH, and One last note on this before I go with this one.  During this entire 3+ month stretch that has been the monsoon season, We have traveled outside almost every day.  We ride a motorcycle!  I have to tell you honestly that I can only count a handful of times in which we were poured down upon and usually when we were, we were free from my valuables and were happy to get wet.  It is as if the clouds temporarily part when we go shopping or have to travel with our computers and guitar.  Sometimes I get freaked out by the notion, but most of the time I just well up in gratitude and pray for the all important rain to come right back as soon as the journey culminates, and, lately, it has done just that.  Again, GRATEFUL!


Unknown said...

Wonderful message, very much aligned with my beliefs. Thank you for sharing!

Daniel Tyler Pohnke said...

Thank you thank you! Happy It resonates! Sorry it took so long to reply, have not had many comments on this blog, looks like that will change. By the way, here is a video of me playing the song "Blue Water Rise" to save the beaches of Israel .... Much love!