Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the Grey? Enlightened? Or is it Time to Grab A Bucket of Paint?

February 10th, 2013

Something eerie is happening on a global scale right now.  I first noticed it in Israel and now I am seeing the same manifestation out here in Thailand and it is a bit worrisome to say the least.  Almost all the cars on the road now are colored in some dull color.  Whether it is grey, faded blue, black, white.  I literally looked down a street in Modi'in Israel one day that had about 100 cars on it and did not find one car with an expressive color.  And now, here in Thailand I am seeing the same.  I remember the days when a persons car was a part of how they expressed themselves and many of those cars were enhanced in color modifications that occasionally got you to think that the person might be insane, like myself, with my bright canary yellow VW Corrado (in the photo). But, I loved those days.  There were bright reds, blues, purples, teal and so on.  It makes me wonder what could possibly be going on in the world.  Are bright cars simply not available anymore or has the human psyche been so dulled out by fear that one will not dare to step out of the norms of societal conditioning and show up in the world bright and alive, inside, outside and all sides.  Have we lost our ability to express ourselves?  

I know in India, this is not the case.  People show up in every color and even make up colors to express themselves as loudly as possible and it is quite a beautiful and stunning experience to be a part of that high vibrational expression. 

The one last enlightened conclusion that I have to this scenario is that maybe, just maybe, the whole reason that the majority of people around the world are riding in blank forms of expression is because they have become so evolved and unattached that it does not matter how they express themselves on the outside because their inner life is so full of radiance and vibrancy that there is no need to care about that outer reflection.  I wish I could believe that, maybe in a few years I will, but right now, it does not seem to be the case.

So my plea to the world is, grab a bucket of paint and go to town on your automobile, shine it up in luster and appeal.  clean up the inside and decorate like they do in India.  If you are like many people in the world, you probably spend a considerable amount of time riding in this dulled out people mover, so why not brighten up your days by brightening up your means of travel.

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