Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fair and Proper Exchange

I just read a post about a musicians struggle with charging for their music or not and this was my comment that I left.

The first thing I want to put out there is the fact that I see the music "coming through" me into the world.  It is constructed and edited (probably not always for the best :) by my conscious mind, but most the melodies appear like magic and as a witness I capture it and put it out into the world.

Now, being a conduit for that magic to come through takes awareness, discipline and courage to attach enough to get it out, but detach from the outcome knowing that it will reach exactly whom it is meant to reach. 

Which leads to the Materiality of the matter as we are still "living in a material world ...."

I believe in proper exchange so I offer my entire collection of music ONLINE on a "Pay as you wish" basis as I cannot even conceive of putting a specific value on the conception (which comes from places I could never dream of) to the multiple years of production, arranging, sweating, takes and everything else that goes into a record.  Sometimes I give the music away for free when I am inspired to do so.  I do charge for my performances, again, based on exchange, if I am playing for Cancer Patients, Underprivileged or the like, I will do if for free, If I am playing to low income, the rates will change across the board all the way up to the super fancy and pricey shows.  We all come from different financial backgrounds and we all have different amounts that we feel comfortable giving.  I truly believe my music can touch all walks of life so I choose to conduct my business in the way of "Proper Exchange" knowing that our hearts will lead us to the exchange that feels right with everyone involved.  As time goes on I am less and less co-operative with people attempting to take advantage of this and cheap me out of what I am worth when they have the material abundance to give.  First and foremost I show up to the world in service and I know the real value of what I offer is far beyond most peoples budget or any budget for that matter, art is priceless, so I work from the heart so that each and every person on this entire planet has the ability to experience the GIFT of this music.  There may come the time when I will have a HIGH TICKET show, but believe me, the next day I will be out there in a school, rehabilitation center or in someones living room offering MY deepest gift in Proper Exchange.

With Love and Gratitude

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