Monday, November 1, 2010

She Moves Me - A Poem

She Moves Me

The strength of her action demands my presence

The tone of her voice demands respect

The look in her eye demands love

Where have I gone, whom have I become

to walk to far from where I belong

I wander through corridors of lost plans

Seeking a new path to the same place

Quietly I place my tail between my legs

And scurry for a simple comfort in a moment of Solitude

Do I need my space or has emotion sucked me into a pit of

Self Loathing once again.

Love rests in the eyes of my commitment to my word

None other then that will keep her safe in fluctuation

The safety of steadiness.

No matter how I feel

Which way my heart tells me to go

If I stay true to my word, then I will hurt no one

And if my words change and my action must move

Then I will communicate The Unsaid truth before the

Waiting begins….SHE MOVES ME



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Unknown said...


I love you <3