Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sunrise 365 - Day 33 - I AM ABUNDANT

Day 33 - I am Abundant

This morning while I walked under the first light of this spectacular sunrise, I enjoyed the expanded thoughts of Wayne Dyer. One of the main topics of the day had to do with the state of abundance. Could you ever imagine the SUN having a thought that "today I just won't shine ….." or "am I enough?" I think the answer is clear .... but .... why do we? We think that we are SO BIG that we can just dim out whenever we want even though the WORLD needs us just as much as it needs the SUN. I say we make a commitment to SHINE our LOVE LIGHT in every moment possible with acts of gratitude, compassion and inner peace…..WHO's IN? .... and ….. How will you SHINE today???

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