Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rise up and Respect YOUR Artistic Gift!

Ramallah, Palestine - Friday April 23rd

From my intuition, growth was about to occur, growth that tests my conscious and helps me to speak loudly to my fellow musician, artists, or any masters of a particular craft that society looks upon as a simple HOBBY!

For many years, 7 to be exact, I spent my life and music career as the guy on the side whom would expend tons of energy captivating less then captive audiences. Let truth be told, most of the time I was able to win them, using various expressions and comedy. But, you know, most musicians are great musicians and they play music, and sadly, many times, they get stuck as background music at a restaurant, bar or crowded something or other. And, in our dire need to express ourselves and PLAY our hearts out, we take what we can get and go on high if we can touch one person in that audience! Which is GREAT….BUT...

After time goes on, that touch and go will get old, and our expression will get blocked by self-doubt and lack of movement…UNLESS…


People need to remember the importance of music, for our SOULS, and to respect the channel as it(we) stand on that stage and reflect a higher truth. In that silence and respect, hearts fly open, souls are stirred, minds are awoken into action and the drunken stupor of illusion becomes a tangible reality that can be honored, spoken and cradled like a lover!

So, WHAT TO DO?…Set the conditions for your performance!

From the moment of booking, Insist upon a respectful audience from the club manager. Demand a proper musical space that is honored like a sacred alter, worshipping Divine perfection, as all creation IS and MUSIC and Art is a pure reflection of that space. (Well, Don't say that, most booking agents will just think your some kind of spun out freak…speak their language) Insist upon clean space (NO SMOKING, TALKING, or EATING) Just go to a Classic Music Concert and take notes! Watch the crowd, feel the stillness that is created in that space and the expansion that happens with every NOTE!

So, As I walked out of the crowded smoky bar in RAMALLAH PALESTINE on Friday night, mid-way through my first song, my mind told me I was doing something WRONG, but my heart told me that what I do needs to be respected, BY ME!! When that happens, then all will follow. We so freely share our gift like we are prostitutes of it…but how about we harness that gift and GIVE IT LIKE A SACRED OFFERING to those ready to receive it…(or at least to an audience that is more then 50% present with it, then the rest will follow suite. Then great shifts can happen in consciousness! And as artists, we are free to express, respected enough to be confidence and WELL PAID!! ALWAYS GET YOUR ENERGY EXCHANGE!! THAT IS HOW WE CARRY ON….

On Friday April 23rd, I feel deeper in LOVE with MYSELF and everything I have to offer, and from this day forward…I have raised my standard to that of a GENIUS! WE ALL ARE!

(one final note) if you ask for all those conditions and the room is still in an flurry of flight…just sit on the stage with your eyes closed…instrument in hand…and when the room finally settles, SET YOUR CONDITIONS with the audience….THE worse that can happen, everyone leaves or you get booed off stage…but, you walk away with your dignity and self-respect knowing that what you have to give is far too special to sit in the background…that is what records are for!! So, give them a CD and tell them to put it on :) Then walk out and go make musical bliss with some good friends and loved ones!

Love and gratitude!

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