Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Notes about Wayne Dyer's Movie "The Shift"

Please, EVERYONE, take a few hours of your life for an extremely important film.

I have always loved Wayne Dyers work and appreciated the way wisdom moves through him but after viewing his 2009 Movie release "The Shift" I have reached a whole new level of respect and love.  

First of all I want to thank Hay House for sending me the DVD "FREE OF COST" to India.  It was a gesture above and beyond what I expected simply because my online stream of the movie was not working. 

I want to look at the exterior of the movie first and get that out of the way quickly.   The cinematography is WOW and the acting is great! compared to most movies of this caliber in which the acting could be compared to a b rated soft porn film.  I was blown away by it's tastefulness as a visual stunning and well acted film.

Now to the juicy stuff, the interior.  Dyer has an amazing way of delivering his message which has a profound way to instill peace of mind in your heart and soul.  I would say all and all, this movie is about FAITH and getting out of the way, as in recovery they say "Let Go and Let God."   Not in a way that is complacent or inactive, but a place that is full of inspiration and connection. The movie touches on various Religious Pathways by triggering our innate desire to stay in tune to that source that is guiding the ship of our lives.  The film is done in a way that serves to be relatable to people from all walks of life.  You have the rich asshole, the overworked housewife the stressed out up and comer, the wise servant janitor (surprise) and the calm awakened singer whom left his hustle and bustle to follow his heart.  The show goes on and we watch these people have their subtle "Shifts."  There is no over the top AH HA moments or major Unbelievable happenings of life changing circumstances, we just get to view various people interacting with Spiritual Leaders (outspoken and subtle) and with each other and how that effects their life, all while enjoying the stream of wisdom that naturally pours through Wayne Dyer.  I could go further into the reflections of consciousness that this film moves through but my intention with this writing is to ask everyone to give it attention and highly fascinating spiritual blabber could possibly negate that intention.  

I have to say this movie EXCITES me beyond belief.  To see something that is so accessible to all walks of life.  It moved me!  I truly have felt a SHIFT in my consciousness just from watching it, and I have been on the move with this type of work for a long time.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it will do for those on the brink of their own AWAKENING!  

Shine on DYER and everyone involved in this production!  1000s of thumbs up and may this reach the hearts of the masses. 

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